Your business is unique but the challenges it faces aren’t!

Every business is unique, but the challenges faced can often be similar.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

“We don’t have an up-to-date business plan – or at least one that we all buy into!”

           "There are opportunities but we haven't the resource we need to respond!"

  "The solution is to work outside the UK/expand our services - we need help starting!"

"We have talked around acquisition, merger and collaboration but haven't come to any conclusions".

              “Responsibility for developing new client relationships falls on too few shoulders!”

       “We are not sure how to translate our strategic goals into an action plan!”

“Our senior team is more comfortable working on projects than business strategy?”

                 “Having made cuts we can’t achieve what we want to from the marketing budget we have!”

    “We are changing name/ setting up a new business/ not convinced our brand is known?”

Targeting new clients has been at the expense of current – we need to do both but how!"

BOXX has provided solutions to clients facing all of these challenges!  If you don't take advantage of the opportunities in your market, your competitors will!

The Solution

Even when the challenge is the same, the solution needed may be different.Take a look at some of the solutions we offer ...

How We Work

We can be flexible in the way we work - it depends on the solution you require and what is best for you.Here are just some of the alternatives ...

Prove It!

Don't just take our word for it!Your are only as good as your last job ... extracts from client references.

Julia Loach-Martin

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