Strategies to survive recession!

Working with businesses to initiate, manage and benefit from change!

Julia Loach Martin BA Hons, MSc, MCIM, DipM

Julia is the founder and principal consultant at BOXX.  Since qualifying in Business, Marketing and Construction – specialising in "Business Strategy to survive Recession", Julia has spent 20 years in the industry working with bright individuals who have looked to instigate, manage and benefit from change.

She has played a key role in the strategic, marketing and bd implications of change ... working on the privatisation of a government department, setting up a new business for a Local Authority, working with private businesses experiencing the joys and strain of rapid growth, the implications of sudden cuts in funding, office openings.... and closures, acquisitions and mergers, service development, geographical and overseas expansion, new business start ups and so much more..  

Helping businesses such as SIMONS, BENOY, MOWLEM FM/ACUMEN, S&P and ARCHIAL among others to instigate, manage and benefit from change - to grow and become more profitable.

She advises on business planning, strategic and operational business development, marketing and client development for high value service providers - architects, engineers, property developers, contractors and other consultants – particularly those in fast growing, small to medium sized practices.

Julia Loach-Martin BA Hons, MSc, MCIM, DipM

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